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“I would highly recommend Attipas kids shoes to all parents looking to buy their first pair of pre-walkers for infants” – Daniel Fitzpatrick, Podiatrist

Footwear is one of the most important external factors influencing young children’s gait pattern. It is important when choosing footwear during this very important developmental phase, that the mix between protecting the child’s foot from harsh surfaces and not interfering with neural feedback is important consideration. 

If the footwear sole is too thick, as is the case in most childrens footwear that is adapted from adult footwear, it can interfere with the sensory neurological feedback that the child needs for balance and proprioception (spatial awareness). It can also interfer with normal musculoskeletal strengthening and development of sensorimotor maturation.

What I like particularly about Attipas shoes for  young children is that they have a good balance between a protective sole to protect supple young feet whist still allowing the majority of sensorimotor feedback through the sole of the foot. It is from my observation that Attipas shoes are closest thing to bare feet whilst the foot is still protected for young children. Another obvious advantage of Attipas shoes is that they are lighter than other styles on the market, therefore not impeding the natural gait cycle of a young child nor causing imbalance due to bulk.

I would highly recommend Attipas shoes to all parents looking to buy their first pair of pre-walkers for infants.

Daniel Fitzpatrick

B.App.SC (Pod) M.A.Pod A.
Level 8 Foot Mobilisation Therapy
Advanced Certificate in musculoskeletal acupuncture and dry needling

Daniel is the founder of Alternative Foot Solutions ( which specialises in Foot Mobilisation Therapy for the treatment of a wide range of biomechanical issues faced by podiatrists. Daniel specialises in the diagnosis and treatment musculoskeletal conditions and treats children and adults for a wide array of issues.

Daniel has a special interest in foot mobilisation and as a result has developed and refined assessment and treatment techniques to combine a mixture of mainstream podiatric treatments such as orthotics as well as being able to offer an alternatives such as foot mobilisation therapy and musculoskeletal acupuncture allowing for a more wholistic approach to overcome foot pathology.

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