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The STRIDER is back again with their 12” Sports Balance bike harnessing 8 years of experience to create this product. This bike is designed for kids between the age of 18 months and 5 years – those first learning to stay upright! Similar to the previous model, the ST-4, but includes updated graphics and an extra long seat post to get the most out of the bike! Designed to allow them to learn the balance skills of a bike whilst always going at a speed that suits their own development, it's superlight for easy use and will see their motor skills blossom.

  • Weight: 3kg
  • Toddler sized mini-grips
  • Seat height adjustable range from 28-48cm
  • Quick clamps on handlebar and saddle for ‘no-tool’ adjustments
  • 12” molded wheels
  • Sealed cartridge bearings allowing for smooth rolling and are maintenance- free for extended periods
  • Low rolling resistance tread pattern on hard surfaces, while utilizing multiple knobs for all terrain grip for handling and stability
  • Powder coated for longer lasting finish
  • Softer grips for more comfortable feel on toddlers’ little hands

You'll only use it for a short while but it will be worth every cent

3 days after putting my 5yo daughter on a Strider, I asked myself why someone would even think of buying one. For goodness sake, after only a few days, she was riding her two wheeler and didn't need the Strider any more! Then I thought to myself "well, she had been struggling with her two-wheeler for weeks now". Other pre-school parents have given me the same feedback. To be honest, I'm left scratching my head, but am so glad to have found the Strider. Thinking of the joy on her face as she pedalled those first few pedals will last with me forever.
by BabyByLisa owner 4 October 2017

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