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Wooden and Eco Toys

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  • Haba - Clutching Toy Rainbow

    Haba - Clutching Toy Rainbow

    Colourful and fun, the Rainbow clutching wooden baby toy is perfect for little hands. The brightly coloured beads are strung on a sturdy elastic band so they can be twisted and manipulated. Mirror and shiny foil on each bead will engage baby`s attention.

    Recommended for 6 + months
  • Haba - Clutching Toy Otti

    Haba - Clutching Toy Otti

    This brightly coloured wooden baby toy is a great first baby's toy. A cute little caterpillar character with eight different coloured balls attached to his head. They are securely threaded onto elastic which allows the balls to turn and twist around.

    Recommended for 6 + months
  • Haba - Ball Magic Leaf - Big

    Haba - Ball Magic Leaf - Big

    Your little one will love exploring the bright colors and ridges of the HABA Pure Nature Magic Leaf Ball!
  • Haba - Rattling Shaker

    Haba - Rattling Shaker

    Baby loves to shake and rattle, babies love HABA Rattle & Shake! HABA, the best wooden baby toys.
  • Imaginabox


    Imaginabox® makes a fabulous inexpensive gift that a child can also participate in building. They will LOVE it. available in Car or Cradle.
  • Haba Pulling Crab

    Haba pulling figure Crab Calino

    A colourful crab with a friendly face and wobbling legs. Pull the string and watch those legs wave and wiggle as the crab follows you around.
  • Haba Kringelring clutching toy

    Haba Kringelring Clutching Toy

    Cute clutch toy with flexible elements threaded onto an elastic band. Made of beech wood with water based lacquer, meaning it is especially resistant to humidity and mechanical strain.

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